Monday, March 22, 2010

Teacher: montney, monroe, souders
Class: english
Hour(s): 1-8
Due Date: 3/25
hound of the baskervilles paper:
The Hound of the Baskervilles:
Guilty or Innocent?

Your task today is to choose sides. Kathy or Jack? Who is guilty? Who is innocent? You will be writing a paper based on the evidence you have collected. You have 4 options for this paper:
        -defend Jack
        -defend Kathy
        -prosecute Jack
        -prosecute Kathy

Pick one of these options and use your evidence and your wits to write your case. Your paper should be set up as follows:

-paragraph one (introduction): state in your opening line whether your client is innocent or the person you are prosecuting is guilty and why. This is where you really use your imagination and creatively paint a picture of how truly awful the person is or paint a sad picture of how bad your client has had it.
-paragraphs two and three: this is where the evidence comes in. Use your notes and, as a lawyer would, be very creative with how you portray things.
-paragraph four (conclusion): Again build up the person’s innocence or his/her guilt.
Remember, each paragraph has 4-5 sentences at least. You really have to be creative here with how you word things.


Carol Souders
CJHS Language Arts

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