Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Teacher: monroe, montney, souders
Class: english
Hour(s): 1-8
Due Date: 10-12
parts of speech project will be presented on this day (see below)


We are going to be learning about the eight parts of speech.  Applause!  Applause!  I know how exciting this is for you, so I’ve decided to take a different route on this assignment.  You are to get in groups of no more than four people.  You, as a group, will essentially become the teachers.  Each group will have the following duties:

Make a poster about your part of speech.  It must include a definition, some examples of how your part of speech works (pictures are a must), and much color.
Make up a skit or song to illustrate your part of speech.  In other words, you might have to become your part of speech.  Somehow, with actions show your part of speech in action.  As long as you show the class appropriately how your part of speech is used, the sky is the limit.
Make up a worksheet for the class to practice using your part of speech.  Obviously, before you hand out a worksheet, you have to teach the class about your part of speech.  Your poster and skit or song and any other means of teaching should be used. I will need to look over your worksheet before you present it to the class.
Individually, each member of your group must also compose a poem about your part of speech. Consider the following questions: If it had a voice, how would it speak? Would it whisper or shout? Be rude or shy? Would it have patience? Humor? Would it be friendly? Sarcastic? Critical? How would it spend its time? How would it see itself? What might it think of us? If you’re stuck, try starting with one of these lines: So, this is what it’s like to be…..  It isn’t so easy being…..  Something you don’t know about me is…..

The assignment will be worth 150 points: 50 for your poster, 50 for your skit or song, and 50 for your worksheet.  You will receive a group grade for the project and an individual grade for the poem. The poem will be worth 50 points also. We will work the entire week on this project.  Please be prepared when your day arrives to teach the class.


Carol Souders
CJHS Language Arts

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